VIDEO: Djukanovic: We are close to signing the agreement – misunderstanding will be overcome

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The prime minister and leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Djukanovic expects the agreement on free and fair elections to be signed in the coming days.

“We are close to signing the agreement between the government and the opposition. DPS has been an initiator of the entire project and provided all necessary elements in order to reach the agreement. For the sake of that very policy, I offered the opposition a very generous package for cooperation in the future. I believe we have made a serious progress in this area”, said the prime minister in Radio Tivat’s programme.

The fact that the opposition has conditioned the agreement signing with the resignation of the public broadcaster RTCG’s director Radojka Rutovic, Djukanovic explains in this way:

“There’s one more issue about which there is a misunderstanding between the government and the opposition. I expect this problem will be overcome very soon and that a political agreement could be signed within a few days in order to create conditions for free and fair elections”, Djukanovic said.

He pointed out that part of the opposition was trying to influence the editorial policy of the public broadcaster in an irresponsible way through blackmail.

“The opposition’s insisting on changes in the public broadcaster is a serious blow to the achievements of democratic development. We have not agreed on a formulation offered by the opposition in the political agreement. Thanks to the opposition’s political fuss and the media uproar, one may get an impression that the public broadcaster is some dark corner of Montenegrin media scene. I have a totally opposite opinion. I think the public broadcaster is the most professional media outlet in Montenegro – the most objective and opened one. Its door is not closed to anyone. Today, when I look at the public broadcaster compared to other media, I’m very proud of the RTCG’s work”, the prime minister said.

He said that the media in Montenegro often offered no room for representatives of the government.

“Some of them who prefer to call themselves independent media would like the single-mindedness of these media to be transferred to the public broadcaster”, Djukanovic said.

What have we done poorly and what have we missed?

Speaking about what could be better in Montenegro, Djukanovic commented on education and health.

“I think it is necessary to immediately work on the high quality reform of the education system. I think it is the most important task, Montenegrin society is facing. I think that it is also necessary to work on improvement of health care system”, Djukanovic said, adding that it would be the government’s priority.

What is Montenegro’s position 10 years after restoring independence?

“In these 10 years we have not lost anything”, said Djukanovic, adding that we are leaders in the EU and NATO integration, but also that we have a lot of economic progress.

Djukanovic said that there were significantly fewer objections against Montenegro’s foreign policy.

Tivat – a role model for others

“Over the last decade, Tivat really experienced a serious growth and it is now an urban unit that cannot be recognised compared to the period a decade ago. It is obvious that the residents of Tivat accepted the new rules more quickly. The rules are actually the basics of each regulated community and the basis of a democratic community. Busy and intelligent citizens of Tivat recognised the opportunity that was offered to them, they use it well and today Tivat is a town desirable to live in”, the PM said.

He is satisfied with the achievements in Tivat.

“First of all, I think of investments such as Porto Montenegro, Lustica and Qatari Diar”, said Djukanovic.

However, all the government’s ideas have not been implemented, citing the example of Sveti Marko.

“This is the property which was owned by the Belgrade-based Punik and traded with a Russian investor. When the investor appeared here with the idea to execute a very luxurious tourism project, as a state, we did everything to create conditions for that. Accordingly, the state location study has been done. It is obvious that the crisis that hit the economies of Europe and Russia, slowed down this investment. I hope that, in cooperation with the local authorities, the government will do everything to stimulate the current investors or to stimulate the next stage of trade, in order for the property to came into the possession of a person who will be able to make a new luxury offer”, Djukanovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro