VIDEO: Đukanović: Excess employees in Municipality of Rožaje

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In Municipality of Rožaje there are too many employees in the local administration and this issue needs to be addressed, said Prime Minister Milo Đukanović.

He responded to journalists’ questions during his today’s visit to this municipality.


“We need to understand that we are not helping anyone by making up jobs in the administration. Administration must operate rationally so that the job can be done. I know it is possible to see this through political eyes, but it happens everywhere. Every party wants to accomplish their interests, along with local ones”, Prime Minister said.

Đukanović believes that through cooperation, there will be less of those who are not satisfied.

“After Andrijevica and Bijelo Polje, unemployment is the highest in Rožaje, and this needs to be dealt with. I am certain we can create conditions for citizens to find jobs”, he said.

He made a tour of “Sandžakli Mobili“ and opened a Daycare center for children with special needs on Bandžovo brdo.

His delegation consisted of Vice Prime Ministers Rafet Husović and Petar Ivanović, ministers of economy and tourism Branimir Gvozdenović and Vladimir Kavarić, and president of Board of Directors of Investment fund Zoran Vukčević and director general of Directorate for budget of Ministry of Finance Nikola Vukićević.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro