VIDEO: Đukanović in Paris: United Europe for better future

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The idea of united Europe is a road to better future in Balkan, said Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović at Paris Balkan Summit of 2016.

“The timing of this gathering is perfect to ask the most current question: what after Brexit? EU remains dedicated to expansion. The idea of united Europe is that of better future for Balkan”, Đukanović said.

Two thirds of Montenegrin citizens support this idea.

“EU integration seems to be a guarantee of peace and stability in Balkan, and one of the main incentives for development. Berlin Process is especially valuable for our region. It gave real hope to our countries. The main directions of our development, through energetics, traffic and youth mobility, were marked in Berlin and Vienna”, Montenegrin Prime Minister said.

He said that Paris offers very inspirational themes for the Conference.

“They represent three parts of united Balkan and Europe story. New challenges such as migrations and refugees, matters of security and fight against terrorism, can only be solved with European perspective, together, integrated”, Đukanović was clear.

Recent attacks in Istanbul, as well as those in Paris and Brussels, are a sad part of European and global reality.

“They are a part of all our lives. We must all take responsibility for their prevention”, Đukanović said.

According to Montenegrin Prime Minister, Western Balkan recognized its place in regional program of policies against terrorism, that are being implemented with help of EU and other international partners.

“Montenegro, along with its neighbours, is a part of joint efforts within Global coalition for fight against ISIS. Internally, we passed key strategic documents and improved legislation. Migration issues are handled in accordance with EU regulations. Montenegro was not directly in the migration route, but we were able to help through cooperation with our neighbours”, Đukanović explained.

Global matters require joint actions.

“One of our strategic goals was to join NATO. After the invitation and recent ratifications of Accession Protocol, Montenegro will take part in Warsaw Summit as an observer. We firmly believe that this is a strong contribution to regional stability, as is EU integration of Montenegro”, Đukanović is convinced.

Paris conference represents an encouragement for Western Balkan, and not only in terms of safety.

“Economic development and prosperity are the key factors of stability. Today, we need to re-evaluate projects started after Vienna Summit, that EU funded. Also, we need to present new projects for financing from Western Balkan fund, in order to improve the market in the region”, he said.

He said that during last months Montenegro was dedicated to accomplishing some measures.

“We can say that we have made a quality leap in comparison to our state before Vienna Summit. I believe that further steps will improve conditions in traffic and energetics. Special significance is given to a business forum where our representatives participate along with colleagues from EU, energetics community and SITO, and talk about financing, reforms, and business environment improvements. I believe we will soon fulfill conditions to sign the contract on Transport community”, he said.

He is especially pleased to see Regional office for youth established.

“This is the best promotion of EU perspective in Western Balkan. Montenegro will closely cooperate with its neighbours and EU partners on all matters of joint interests. I believe we will have new accomplishments to present next year in Italy”, Đukanović said in Paris.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro