VIDEO: Đukanović: It is not my fault if the opposition leaves the Government

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Prime Minister and leader of the strongest party in Montenegro Milo Đukanović visited Berane today and said that his party would fight to win elections in this town. When asked would he risk being accused of forcing the opposition out of the Government, as Krivokapic earlier announced, Đukanović said that he pays no mind to such accusations.

Đukanović said that cooperation with Berane is good.

“I hope that no one is surprised. Montenegro reached a level of political culture where we can differentiate between party games and state responsibilities. While political games last as long as they do, elections are there to determine who do citizens trust. Responsible people find it imperative. The Government’s obligation is to continue cooperation with democratically chosen local leadership and to create conditions for every town to have quality life standard”, Đukanović said.

He thinks that things are logical.

“Šćekić will fight for his party to win, and I will fight for my party. There will be no destruction at the expense of citizens”, Đukanović was clear.

Leader of SDP Ranko Krivokapić said that SDP, URA and Demos will leave the Government should it fail to protect state’s interests in the contract with A2A company.

He said that the Agreement on free and fair elections states that important decisions in the Government should have consensus.


Đukanović responded today, saying that the Agreement does not require a consensus.

“This is not a matter I should solve. I allowed the opposition to enter the Government”, Prime Minister said.

“We will not paralyze the work of the Government. The matter of consensus is not mentioned in the Agreement. That would be a precedent”, Đukanović said.

His interest is for the Government to do its job by the elections.

“Everyone should take their part of the responsibilities”, Prime Minister said.

When asked about the accusations that he will make the opposition leave the Government, Đukanović clearly answered.

“I pay no mind to such accusations. Those are political games. I am interested only in serious politics”, Đukanović said.


Đukanović visit the coal mine of Berane today.


He was joined by Minister of Culture Pavle Goranović and Director of Public Works Milan Martinović.0QIDGGA2S-3unlr756ClSVnDhpiUODbzGMQxGNmkYu9x5ouuSfwcILB-Zob3J02Xyoz9g982kKTJFBr8rgOUIwFwVGJQ7owudigZs8SVreYydAMVLeaEyPRnj2mVAg5JbP75TTOB

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro