VIDEO: Incident between DF deputies and security in the Assembly

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The return of DF deputies in the Assembly was fortunately marked by only verbal conflict and some jostling with the security at the entrance to the Parliament.

After an introductory round of applause, which DF members received from employees of KAP and Radoje Dakic gathered in front of the parliament, they proceeded into the building, where everyone had to undergo tightened security procedure.

Instead of being welcomed by regular two to three policemen in charge of security in the assembly, MPs were today greeted by ten officers who had orders to check every single member of the parliament, and politicians are usually not controlled.

The new rule angered MP Branko Radulovic, who refused to be checked. This is when MPs clashed with police officers.

The incident was caught on camera:

Shouting “hoodlums” and “bastards” towards the security, DF MPs added the parliament is “their house” and not a “SF bunker”. Three minutes later, everyone was in the building. DF MPs immediately gathered in front of the journalists and posed with a banner “Freedom or nothing”, shouting “Milo, you thief!”.

“Shame on you!” is what Mr. Radulovic told the police officers who tried to search him, and according to him, beat him.

“No one can beat us! And they tried to beat us, and they were turning my bag as if it was a bomb”, Radulovic explained vividly.

“It was agreed that we address Dusko Markovic to find out who ordered there 100 police officers with guns to search us. They will remain recorded in black letters. This is the people’s Assembly and it will have as many security and police officers as it requires, not more”, he said.

DF MPs then went into their parliamentary offices, after nine months of absence.

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When CdM reporter asked why the number of security officers who searched not only politicians but journalists as well has increased, one of the policemen briefly replied: “You all know why you’re here today”.

According to our information, the reason for the stricter protocol in the Assembly is the fact that DF has introduced in the building its informal group of “guards”.

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