VIDEO: June storm opens an evacuation center in Kotor, Tivat "defends" the airport with sandbags

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Weather in June unheard of for Montenegro.

Relentless storms that hit Montenegro yesterday and over last night caused a number of problems accompanied by flooding, drifts stones, mud and sand in many municipalities.

It seems that Kotor got the worst of it, where members of the Protection and Rescue service had their hands full working until 5 AM this morning.

Pieces of rocks and other debris fell on a private house of Penda family, threatening to destabilize its foundations. Firefighters helped resident Vido Radonjic use his excavator to dig a channel and thus save the house.

Dobrota waterfront was nearly under water, like many streets, roads, especially in Dobrota where residents saw landslides, house basements willed with water, sidewalks unrecognizable, and a good part of the old town submerged.

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