VIDEO: Luksic: Solid performance, ideas about UN organization welcomed with attention

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Our candidate for general secretary of United Nations Igor Luksic doesn’t want to speculate whether he’ll make to the next round, and he thinks that last week during the presentation of the program he had a solid performance.

He said for Voice of America that his performance has left a mark and that his ideas about UN organization were welcomed with high attention.

A week ago, Luksic presented to General assembly of United Nations his program as a candidate for the general secretary. Luksic said that he was honored by being the first sepaker and having to answer questions about his vision.

“I believe, according to what I’ve heard, that it had left a certain mark and that ideas which are new about the UN organization drew significant attention. We’ll see how will things move on from there”, said Luksic.

The word is that a woman should become the new leader of United Nations. Luksic said that he welcomes that initiative and that he supports strenghtening the role of women and their positions in UN.

It is also expected that the next secretary general should be a representative of eastern European group of countries.

“That is not set in stone but there are valid arguments supporting it”, said Luksic.

Asked whether he expects to make it to the next round, he said that we shouldn’t worry about that at this point.

“We were very professional about the whole thing the whole time and that is the most important. I believe that I also had a solid performance. Afterwards I had several meetings and I will have more in upcoming months”, said Luksic.

He also added that it is important to keep close contact with countries members of the Security Council, especially those who have the veto right.

Luksic plans to present his ideas to multilateral institutions as well, such as African Union, in order to achieve his vision – strengthening of partnership and providing better coordination in order for UN system to be more efficient in era of many new challenges.


Source: Cafe Del Montenegro