VIDEO: Macri with Djukanovic: Montenegro can represent a good port to Europe

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During the second day of his visit to Buenos Aires, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic met the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri in the Casa Rosadi, after a welcoming ceremony at the San Martin square. President Macri stated that Montenegro could represent a good port to Europe.

“All this may be a nice starting point of cooperation in the time when we are looking for the opportunity to develop the country”, Macri said.

He particularly mentioned the agricultural industry as the most realistic opportunity to develop cooperation with Montenegro.

Djukanovic said that Montenegro highly appreciated the friendship between our countries, as well as the fact that there was a large and successful Montenegrin community in Argentina, which was a realistic basis for the good cooperation and mutual understanding.

“The Association of Montenegrin Communities in Latin America, which has just been formed, can provide an additional impetus for developing bilateral relations with Argentina and other countries of the region. The fact that we opened an embassy and that there are three honorary consulates is a sufficient evidence of the seriousness of our relationship when it comes to cooperation between the two countries”, said the PM of Montenegro.

He also welcomed the intention of the Argentine Parliament to form a Group of Friendship with Montenegro and stressed that he believes we will know how to use all channels to strengthen ties of mutual interest.

Signing the agreement on economic cooperation during the visit and the planned strengthening of the contractual basis represent a significant incentive in this direction.

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