VIDEO: Markovic and Erjavec: Door of the EU and NATO opened for Montenegro

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Slovenia is satisfied with the results achieved by Montenegro on its path to membership in the EU and NATO, said Slovenian foreign minister Karl Erjavec during a meeting with Montenegrin deputy prime minister Dusko Markovic.

Marković said that Erjavec’s visit represented a new opportunity to improve the relations between Montenegro and Slovenia, which were based on friendship, understanding and cooperation in almost all fields.

“The government is interested in continuing the intensive political dialogue with Slovenia and grateful for Slovenia’s support to Montenegro to achieve its foreign policy objectives”, Markovic said, adding that Slovenia is a strong partner of Montenegro.

Erjavec congratulated Montenegro on the tenth anniversary of its independence, noting the relations between the two countries are excellent.

“Slovenia supports the Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro. I think we have slightly contributed to Montenegro’s becoming a full member of NATO soon”, Erjavec said.

He is also pleased with Montenegro’s achievements in the field of fulfilling the reforms for EU membership.

“The EU door is open to Montenegro”, said Erjavec.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro