VIDEO: Markovic to “troika”: You are responsible yourself for leaving the government

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Everyone is responsible for their decisions. Thus, the Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic commented on the opposition’s announcement that they would leave the government because of the agreement with A2A. He also said that allegations that he was putting a pressure on the chief special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic were plain political manipulation aimed at reducing his political influence.

“Today’s statement of the URA Civic Movement’s leader Zarko Rakcevic, as well as Ranko Krivokapic’s announcement that he will raise the question of leaving the government of the electoral trust, do not contribute to achieving the goal on which we have painstakingly worked together for months. Through the Agreement and Lex Specialis, we worked together on creating the conditions for free and fair elections which will lead to indisputable legitimacy of the future government, no matter who it will consist of. In this way, we would create the conditions for unhindered work, unencumbered by collecting daily political points, and create the conditions for effective implementation of government policies in all areas that would be aimed at a better life for all our citizens”, Markovic said.

As he said, there were two aspects of the opposition’s joining the government.

“Opposition ministers and other opposition representatives who enter state and local authorities primarily wanted to control the use of state resources during the election campaign in order to avoid abusing them by parties. I believe that they have been convinced that their accusations on this subject were absolutely unfounded, although they have been used against DPS for years, representing an excuse for the elections defeat”, Markovic said.

According to him, the second duty of the opposition representatives was to actively participate in all aspects of the institutions and the government as a whole, which they did to a certain point and openly gave a positive impulse to the work of the executive branch.

“However, setting ultimatums and threats that they will leave the government is not in line with the commitment defined by the agreement. Recently, we have heard a lot on the alleged obligation of consensual decision-making in the government,” Markovic said.

But, as far as we understood, the troika defines the consensus as an obligation of DPS and other members of the ruling majority to unconditionally accept their proposals.

“No! I will remind them that the consensus, among other things, means willingness, as stated in the Agreement, for unanimous decision-making in the process of constructive dialogue, exchange and respect the arguments of both sides”, Markovic explained.

When it comes to the concrete agreement with A2A, the ruling majority showed willingness and desire to work together to achieve consensus in the government’s bodies and committees, meetings with the relevant ministers and Deputy Prime Minister, and finally sent a proposal of the opposition parties to the Italian partner, despite the fact that it believed it was not legally founded and good for the state.

“On the other hand, I believe the representatives of the troika have not shoved the same level of willingness to reach the consensus. Let’s call to mind the Media Act, which was also criticised by the troika. They called on the Agreement and the obligation to adopt the act by consensus, but they created the draft law themselves, with the help of several people close to the NGO sector”, Markovic said.

Perhaps, the majority in the government would ignore the fact that the troika did not consult the other signatories of the agreement.

“But we believe that such an umbrella law on media cannot and must not be ad hoc – without broad public consultation, without consulting the media representatives, experts from state institutions and regulatory agencies and ultimately without respecting the principle that laws should be sent to the European Commission for an opinion before the adoption,” said Markovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro