VIDEO: MIA to offer reward for information about the murder of Dusko Jovanovic

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The Ministry of Interior will announce a reward for information about the assassination of the former editor of “Dan” daily, Dusko Jovanovic. This is what Minister Goran Danilovic said, noting that his idea received unanimous support of the executive branch.

What will be the prize has not yet been determined.

Minister Danilovic said this will be decided in no later than two weeks’ time, adding that he will also consult with the media community.

“I’ll see to it that we hit the right measure, to not embarrass ourselves after 12 years of searching for information on Jovanovic’s murder, but also to avoid any form of manipulation”, said Danilovic.

The government also adopted the Information on the work of the Commission to monitor competent authorities in investigating cases of threats and violence against journalists, murders of journalists and attacks on media property.

Responding to a reporter’s question, Danilovic said that the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Demos and Civic Movement URA have submitted their lists for the “in depth” participation of opposition representatives.

“Lex specialis began officially functioning today. SDP, Demos and URA have submitted the lists, and the only remaining thing to do before the next session of the Government is to agree on board directors at the local level. A few unexplained things remain, but it is at the level of political dialogue that never closes. We interpret lex specialis differently, but I don’t think this is something that will lead to permanent misunderstanding; it’s more about the technical details to be completed as soon as possible, to have a complete team at the next session of the Government”, Danilovic said.

He says the in-depth control, past ministers, officially and practically began today.

“Lex specialis is substantially, in its control function, from now on in a new dimension”, said Danilovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro