VIDEO: Nevidio Canyon magnet for foreigners

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One of the most attractive locations in Montenegro, Nevidio canyon near Šavnik, has unfortunately been in the center of attention since the beginning of this summer season because of two accidents. Both events feature tourists who set off to go through this beautiful but formidable place on their own, writes Onogoš portal.

An experienced lifeguard and guide through the canyon, the owner of “Montenegro Canyoning” club, Marko Blečić from Niksic says, he is very sad to see the magnificent canyon presented through these accidents in such a negative light – because when you do things the right way, he says, conquering the Nevidio canyon is an unforgettable, ultra-enjoyable experience.

“Since the beginning of the season, there have been many more foreigners interested in passing through the canyon, than our citizens. This type of thing is still not very popular with Montenegrin people, so my guests are in 90 percent of cases, foreigners. Domestic guests believe the canyon is way too dangerous, because local media write about it only when there are injuries and rescue team on site”, says Marko.

He added that for now, the season started worse than last year, but perhaps not surprisingly so, since May was marked by rain. But, as he points out, the water level is now excellent and he expects the season will recover by the end of September.

“On working days, we have only two or three groups, about ten people in total. On weekends, many more… We have tourists from Sweden, France, Israel, Belgium, Russia. Today, we even have one family coming from Finland with children aged 11 and 13 years”, he says noting that the fee for entry into the canyon is five euros, and that the visitor tax and parking cost one euro each.

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Source: Cafe Del Montenegro