VIDEO: Police "live wall" prevented KAP workers from blocking Zabjelo again

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Roundabout in Zabjelo is not blocked anymore. After walking the pedestrian crosswalks for full 20 minutes, former workers of KAP who did not have a permit for these protest were removed from crosswalks by the police. No confrontations or resistance happened. Even some smiles could be seen on faces of police officers and workers while they were mildly pushing each other. After they removed them from the road, police officers created a live wall in order to prevent them from blocking the traffic again.

Workers started walking on crosswalks at exactly 11 o’clock. The reason for this is that they don’t have a permit for this protest, so they decided to occupy zebras because, as they said, it is not illegal to cross the street.

This performance looked like this

However, workers do not have the same attitude towards everyone.

On the video by CdM it can be seen that they didn’t let two cars pass towards the airport. However, “knowing people” worked for the driver of Yugo.

Here’s the proof

And today’s protest of workers of KAP and police reaction happened like this


Protest ended.

Workers are moving to the Boulevard of Sveti Petar Cetinjski where they will remain until 4 pm.


Atmosphere between cops and workers is good. While they are standing across each other they are discussing how “grandchildren sweeped the grandfatheres from the streets”.

Police made a “live wall” in front of them, so they wouldn’t occupy the street again.


The traffic is normalized.


The tactics of the police was successful.

Without using the force or anything similar, the police removed the workers from the street.


The police pushed out one group of workers from the street.


The special police unit warned the workers that they need to unblock the road.

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