VIDEO: Police vehicle run a red light using the lane for opposite direction! Will the colleagues really punish the officer?

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After CDM released two videos that prove dangerous traffic offences, police identified the drivers. That has encouraged citizens to take photos and videos of driving offences on the Montenegrin roads.

Thus, a CDM reader sent a video of a police vehicle which uses a lane for opposite direction and turns right running a red light.

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CDM sent this video to the police as well. Now, we are waiting for an answer to the question whether they will punish this fellow police officer and how.

In the meantime, a reader who sent the footage contacted CDM once again because he wanted “to raise drivers’ awareness”.

“I shot this in April or May. I can post you are releasing material you received from readers, so I hope there will be some benefit from it”, he wrote in a Facebook message to CDM.

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Source: Cafe Del Montenegro