VIDEO: Solved the ‘Grad teatar’ noise problem: Mirjana Karanovic interrupted the play

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Festival ‘Grad teatar’ was a host again this year to the play “Aveti”, last year’s co-production of the festival, Hartefakt, Bitef theater from Belgrade and Mess festival from Sarajevo.

However, the problem that ‘Grad teatar’ is struggling with for years has culminated this evening, unexpectedly, at the stage in village Vjestica. Actress Mirjana Karanovic, at one moment, because of the large noise and unwanted visitors, interrupted her performance in the play.

Still, with great support from the audience actors managed to perform the whole play.

Actor Slobodan Bestic said for TV Budva that this was the only solution in order for the play to be finished.

The show is scheduled for tonight, the 25th of July too, starting at 9:30 pm at the stage in village Vjestica.

VIDEO: Facebook

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro