VIDEO: Stojanović confirmed: Citizens of Serbia arrested due to suspicion of causing riots tonight

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Director of Police Directorate of Ministry of Interior Affairs Slavko Stojanović confirmed that 20 individuals from Serbia were arrested, while they are still searching for one individual. They are under suspicion of planning attacks on Montenegrin institutions and police, as well as state officials. They are currently in the Prosecution having hearings. Among arrested is Bratislav Bata Dikić, controversial former commander of Gendarmerie of Serbia.

“It is true that officials of Police Directorate in cooperation with Agency for National Safety arrested 20 citizens of Serbia last night. This was done based on operative and intelligence data police acquired, and on the warrant of Special State Prosecution. They are suspected of entering Montenegro with an intent to acquire automatic weapons and attack institutions of the system tonight”, he said, without revealing the names of the arrested.

The arrested are B.D. (1970), K.H.(1977.), V.B.(1995.), N.Đ.(1995.), S.V.(1991.), G.K.(1999.), B.K.(1976.), L.Đ.(1998.), B.M.(1955.), M.D.(1957.), D.M.(1976.), S.Đ.(1964) , A.Č.(1983), A.A. (1974), N.Đ.(1982.), S.Ć.(1979.), D.S.(1974.), M.A.(1990.), I.M.(1980.) and P.A.(1977.)

Among arrested is Bratislav Bata Dikić, controversial former commander of Gendarmerie of Serbia.

“We have reasonable doubt that in the beginning of October a criminal organization was formed in Serbia and Montenegro, in order to influence executive and legislative leadership in Montenegro. There is reason to believe that the plan of this organization was to attack citizens gathered in front of the Parliament at the time of election results announcement. They would then take over the Parliament, with an intent to announce certain political group’s victory. There is reason to believe that they planned to arrest the Prime Minister of Montenegro”, Prosecution stated.

In order to implement this plan, leader of the group Bratislav Dikić arrived to Montenegro early yesterday morning, with an intent to command armed individuals in taking over the Parliament.

“Suspects entered Podgorica in private vehicles, whereupon they formed three groups. They had instructions to distribute weapons for their plan”, Prosecution stated.

On the warrant of Special State Prosecution, officials of Special Police Department and Police Directorate arrested the leader and members of this group at the moment they went to check hidden storage of weapons.

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, after casting his vote, did not wish to comment on this event. He said state institutions need to make a statement first.

Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said that he has confirmation that institutions would soon make a statement.

“Montenegro is a state of stability. If someone tries to attack it, they will end up the same as everyone who tried this before”, Đukanović said.

Who is Bratislav Bata Dikić or „little Legija“?

Bratislav Bata Dikić or “little Legija”, his preferred nickname, used to be a controversial commander of Gendarmerie in Serbia. He was investigated by the Crime Police Directorate under suspicion of leading dangerous mafia organization.

His replacing happened after numerous murders committed by members of his formation, and the last straw was murder of two men close to Rekovac.

According to Belgrade media, Dikić and his brother Dragan, along with 20 more members of Gendarmerie, were involved in serious criminal activity in the area of Niš and southern Serbia. Based on official police reports in Serbia, this group planned to liquidate inspector of Sector of Interior Control of Police, who investigated Dikić. The reports states that members of Gendarmerie blackmailed and threatened, and were involved in narcotics distribution, especially cocaine.

Dikić was suspected of wire-tapping his colleagues in the Police, and tasking members of Gendarmerie to look for gold in archaeological localities of eastern and southern Serbia.

Confiscated weapons were used in private affairs. Gendarmerie was his private unit, that he wished to turn into a new Special Ops Unit, infamous JSO, that was disbanded after murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić.

Dikić made Gendarmerie into his private paramilitary criminal group with unlimited power. They created their own flag, oath, hymn, propaganda, actions…

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro