VIDEO: Tear gas prevented KAP workers from entering the Parliament; Pajović invited them to talk

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Former employees of the Aluminium Plant (KAP), who should be paid about €5.5m for severance pay, clashed with the police in front of the Parliament of Montenegro.

They were led by MP for the Democratic Front (DF), Janko Vucinic.

Outside the Parliament the workers were greeted by the police with helmets, conveying the invitation of the Parliament’s administration to one of the representatives of the workers to enter the Parliament with MP Janko Vucinic and meet the Parliament’s secretary general, Sinisa Stankovic.

The workers required their fur person negotiating team to enter instead of a single representative and then Vucinic called “everyone who wants” to enter the Parliament.

“Everyone who wants, but peacefully, without violence. If they want to beat us, let them do that. Let the world see that the police are beating poor workers. We want to get into the Parliament and to protest there”, Vucinic said. After that, workers headed with him towards the police officers who warned them against making an offense.

Vucinic and co-workers did not obey the police order. Therefore, police officers sprayed the workers with tear gas.

It looked like this:

Epilogue: A few workers ended up in the ambulance which was waiting in front of the Parliament. The rest of them remained outside.

Then the parliament speaker Darko Pajovic involved in the case.

Upon his invitation, Vucinic and one representative of the workers entered the Parliament to talk. The outcome of the meeting is that the workers will wait for a response until Thursday. In the meantime, they will gather in front of the Parliament. Given the fact that they do not hope a solution will be found, they announced a blockade of traffic on Smokovac, on the way to Bioce, on Monday.

During the meeting, Pajovic asked the former KAP workers to calm tensions, called for patience and non-violent methods of action in exercising their rights, in order for the relevant institutions to be given the opportunity to address this in the coming days.

“Violent entering the Parliament or other institutions, as well as the politicisation and manipulation attempts by any political group, will not solve your problems”, he said, adding that no one needs conflicts that may result in consequences for human health.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro