Violations of electoral law will be prevented

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Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic has signed the memorandum of cooperation with NGOs monitoring the upcoming elections.

On behalf of the Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT) the memorandum has been signed by the NGO executive director Dragan Koprivica. The president of the steering committee of the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI), Zlatko Vujovic, has also signed the memorandum.

The document was signed with the aim of preventing and suppressing violations of electoral law.

The NGOs monitoring the elections have pledged to inform the prosecutor’s office if they have information or evidence of criminal acts committed against the electoral law and other criminal offenses prosecuted ex officio, which may affect the legality and legitimacy of the electoral process.

The Supreme State Prosecutor said that the State Prosecutor’s Office will closely follow the electoral process and react in case of violation and possible abuse of election law.

Stankovic said that everyone who commits a criminal offense during the election process will be held responsible for that, regardless of the political option which he/she belongs to.

“All persons shall be equal before the law and the representatives of both authorities and the opposition should be aware of that”, Stankovic said.

He called on other organisations and citizens to inform the prosecutor’s office about possible illegalities in the election process.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro