Violence against women and LGBT awful crime

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Violence against women and LGBT members is a crime and one of the most serious violations of human rights, and such cases have to be adequately prosecuted and perpetrators punished, it was a conclusion of today’s conference on the prevention of violence.

A National Conference on Violence Against LGBTIQ People and Gender-Based Violence was organized under the project “Standing Together – Improving the Protection of Victims of Violence”, implemented by LGBT Forum Progress and in partnership with the Women’s Rights Center and the Police Administration, and with the support of the US Embassy.

US Ambassador to Montenegro Margaret Ann Uyehara said violence against women, girls and members of the LGBT community was a terrible crime and one of the most serious and widespread violations of human rights.

She said prevention and response to gender-based violence against LGBT people was the foundation of US government dedication to improving human rights and gender equality.

“I give recognition to Montenegro on the progress it has made in improving legal status and women’s rights, and in reaction to gender-based and family violence,” Uyehara said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro