Vjeternik tunnel went through 26 m, Kosman 10 m

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The construction of the first part of highway Bar-Boljare is going according to plan, with current focus on tunnels.

Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learned from sources close to the construction company CRBC that tunnels are being made from the both sides of the hill, and the construction on Vjeternik tunnels is going the best so far.

Chinese and Montenegrin workers are blasting three tunnels a day on the priority section of the road. On Chinese side of Vjeternik hill 26 meters were blasted, and 10 m on the other side. Total length of Vjeternik tunnel is 3.042 meters.

Section three has Kosman tunnel with 2.671 meters, and it will be built in two pipes. For now, 10 meters have been blasted.

Jabučki krš tunnel on section four has been blasted for 8 meters, and it will also feature two pipes. The length of the right pipe is 1.360 m, and the left one is 1.455 meters long.

Moračica bridge was designed as a continuous prestressed frame structure with a main span of 190 meters of variable cross-section, which runs the free cantilevering, they said in the Ministry of Traffic and Maritime Affairs.

“Total length of the bridge is 960 meters, with longitudinal alignment gradient of four per cent and cross slope of 2.5 percent. The total width of the bridge is 23.4 meters, which contains two lanes in both directions, hiking trails and maintenance of all equipment and windscreen protection,”, the Ministry explained.

The highway construction will cost the state 809 million EUR. Chinese Exim Bank borrowed 944 million dollars for 20 years with an interest rate of 2%, and grace period of 6 years.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro