Vlasi: Postponing ratification will not endanger relations with Kosovo

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Political analyst from Priština Azem Vlasi spoke to Pobjeda and said that postponing ratification of Agreement on demarcation for September 1st will not endanger relations between two countries. The matter of ratification is Kosovo’s internal issue.

Parliament’s session that should have been the one when the Agreement is ratified was postponed due to a lack of necessary votes.

“For a while now, there have been issues in Kosovo between the opposition and the leadership, and there is a number of representatives in the leadership that are undecided on this matter”, Vlasi said.

He said that this matter will not endanger relations with Montenegro, because the relations of the opposition and leadership in Kosovo are an internal matter of Kosovo.

Azem Vlasi was one of the most influential politicians in Kosovo during the time of former Yugoslavia, and one of the strong opponents to the leadership of Slobodan Milošević. Today he lives in Kosovo and is revered by both opponents and followers.

Vlasi believes that a solution for this matter will be found in the following weeks, underlining respectable relations of Podgorica.

“I believe a solution will be found by September. Montenegro has been fair in the matter, by offering to have more talks after the crisis in Kosovo’s Parliament. However, there was no reply, because those on Kosovo’s side who had signed the Agreement do not believe that mistakes were made”, Vlasi said.

Interior politics

Postponing the ratification is the matter of interior politics in Kosovo, and it will not reflect on good relations with Montenegro.

The ratification was postponed for September 1st, although it was announced that the matter would be discussed on Thursday. The Agreement of demarcation was signed in Vienna in August last year.

This Agreement is a very significant document to Priština, and Kosovo’s visa liberalization is dependant on it passing.

Opponents of the Agreement claim that Kosovo had 8.000 hectares of land taken. Along the demarcation line, they have made points on Čakor and in the region of Dacići and Zlijeb mountain, where they believe the border should be.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro