Vlasi: Serbian list is pleased with Kosovo and Montenegro misunderstanding

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Political analyst from Priština Azem Vlasi spoke to Pobjeda saying that the international community needs to be included in the matter of Kosovo and Montenegro demarcation, because Kosovo opposition lacks state and political experience.

“They do not know that the matter of border between two states is decided by these two states. It is not a unilateral matter, opposition is presenting it like it is an interior question and they want the border of their imagination. It is a bilateral question, approved by legal leadership of Kosovo and Montenegro. No state signs border agreements with opposition. It is clear that Montenegro should not discuss this with Kosovo opposition”, Vlasi said, day after Kosovo Government moved the Draft of the Law on ratification of Agreement on demarcation with Montenegro from the schedule. The decision was made due to lack of majority support of MPs.

No fraud

Vlasi believes that international factors should mediate in this situation in order to convince Kosovo opposition to accept the Agreement, or to have Kosovo and Montenegro revisit the matter in order to see if there were any mistakes.

He believes that Montenegro Government would accept the conversation, but the issue is that Kosovo opposition is demanding 8.200 hectares of territory.

“I believe that the international help is needed, and agreement from both sides”, he said, estimating that the ratification is imminent.

He reminded that the demarcation with Montenegro was the issue of conflict between opposition and leadership from the beginning.

“However, there is no animosity to Montenegro in Kosovo. Everyone knows that there was no fraud, international committee worked on this Agreement”, Vlasi said.

Peculiar opposition

Commenting on the demonstrations of movement Samoopredeljenje, their celebration after the Agreement was moved from schedule, he said that the opposition is peculiar.

“There are cases in the parliamentary life of many countries where the MPs fight or make incidents. This movement has two issues. They chose no means to achieve their goals, and they combine their activities with protests from outside and inside the building of the Parliament. It is all an act of one segment of the opposition. The other two opposition parties refrain from inappropriate methods”, Vlasi said.

Serbian list is pleased with the misunderstanding

Vlasi believes that Serbian list did not come to the Parliament on the day the demarcation was discussed is no relation to security reasons, such as certain media reported.

“There is nothing going against them. Opposition is mainly opposing the Prime Minister and the Government. Serbian list is doing what Belgrade directs them to do”, he said.

Vlasi believes that the Serbian list is not supporting the Agreement because they want it to remain a point of conflict between Kosovo and Montenegro.

“They make different conditions in order to gain some benefits in this fight of Albanian leadership and opposition”, Vlasi said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro