Vojvodić: I’m not a member of DPS, politicians are playing with our lives

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Yet another deadline mentioned by politicians in relation to the signing of an Agreement for “free and fair elections” has passed. For now, there is no indication that the document could be signed by the end of the day. According to the information available to CdM’, the opposition is neither pessimistic nor optimistic because of it, explaining that everything depends on the resignation of the Director of Television of Montenegro, Radojka Rutović.

And no one knows whether Rutović intends to go. Director of the national RV is not responsing to any call, which is why CdM has asked the Director-General, Rade Vojvodić, whether he, as the first man of the house, knows whether Rutović will resign.

“I cannot talk to you”, said Vojvodić, explaining that he answers to the Council of RTCG. And the date of the Council’s next session remains unknown. Vojvodić confirmed he hasn’t yet received an invitation to the session.

Given that the source from the opposition stressed that “the ball is on the other side”, CdM asked Vojvodić if he feels responsible.

“I am not a member of the DPS. The fact that parties are negotiating, that’s their business. Politicians are trading everything, aren’t they? Nothing is off limits. They trade in our lives. We are the little puppets, they are important, and everyone else is irelevant”, Vojvodić said for CdM news portal.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro