Vojvodić: Krivokapic did not appoint Rutović, nor will he dismiss her

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After the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapic, said that the precondition for the agreement between the government and the opposition on fair elections is the resignation in the Public Service, its General Manager, Rade Vojvodić, reacted. He stated for Pobjeda daily that Speaker of the Parliament will not oust the Director of RTCG.

“Ranko (Krivokapic) did not appoint her, nor will he dismiss her”, he said briefly, commenting Krivokapic’s statement that without this resignation in RTCG, the agreement will not be activated.

Vojvodic protested against encroachment on the independence of the Public Service ever since the beginning of negotiations between political leaders.

In an earlier statement, he said that “if a public service is part of the deal of political parties, then it shouldn’t be called the “Public” Service, but a service of the Central Committee of Political Parties”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro