Vote of ‘’no confidence’’ in the Government

Democratic Montenegro will invite opposition entities that have representatives in the Montenegrin parliament to start the procedure for a vote of ‘’no confidence’’ in the government, said the chairman of the Democrats Aleksa Becic.

At today’s press conference he announced that the initiative will be sent to the Demos, Civic Movement URA, Democratic Front, Socialist People’s Party, Positive Montenegro and the Club of independent MPs.

Democrats think that all the requirements are met to start a vote of ‘’no confidence’’ in the Government in the Assembly.

“The fact is that the Coalition DPS-SDP in fact does not exist. Serious allegations between coalition partners over the last few days only confirmed that fact. It is clear that the Government, constituted by these coalition partners can no longer carry out its constitutional responsibilities in the interests of citizens and the state. In such a state, in every democratic country, Prime Minister and the Government would resign. The fact that the Government of Montenegro, which has led citizens to the brink of poverty and hopelessness, does not have such a sense of responsibility, and that obliges the parliamentary opposition to initiate the vote procedure of ‘’no confidence’’ in such a government”, said Becic the press.

For all those reasons Democrats decided to propose to all opposition political entities which have representatives in the Parliament and other opposition MPs to submit a proposal for a vote of ‘’no confidence’’ in the Government in accordance with Article 107 of the Constitution of Montenegro.

As the Montenegrin Parliament is out of the regular session by the end of September, the signatories of the proposal, as it was clarified in the Democratic Montenegro, would convene the Assembly in an extraordinary session for this matter, in accordance with article 90 paragraph 4 of the Constitution.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro