Vucic confirmed that a terrorist act was planned in Montenegro: We have solid evidence, Djukanovic was followed

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Serbian security authorities have obtained the irrefutable physical evidence that a terrorist attack was planned to be conducted in the territory of Montenegro ahead of the parliamentary elections, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said.

He said that, among other things, a variety of illegal activities related to Montenegro were prepared on the territory of Serbia and that foreign intelligence services were involved in that.

“It is known that some of the detained people, but not those in Montenegro, used to work with persons for whom it can be said that there is a foreign element. We learned that certain persons followed the movement of Montenegrin officials and had guidelines according to which they were supposed to act. We have evidence for this, even money, ie €125,000 and uniforms. For the time being, Serbia, ie the state authorities are in possession of the evidence”, Vucic said.

Asked how many people exactly have participated in the attempted attack on our country, Vucic said there were several groups.

“Some persons who planned this attack are still at large”, he said.

He added that the one who thinks that Serbia will take part in the crime is sadly mistaken.

“Everything that is to happen in the coming months and cause thousands of affairs will happen because I tried to save and protect Serbia’s independence. I was not able to agree to be silent about this”, the Serbian PM said.

He added that certain persons followed Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic on a daily basis, in every second, and informed others, who are under the control of the Serbian state.

As he said, security structures in Montenegro are aware of that.

“We have direct confessions, even photos and videos, in case you think someone of us made this up. Whoever expressed doubts – there is evidence, since there are a lot of petty politicians in Serbia”, Vucic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro