Vujanović and Nikolić: "House of Montenegro" to strengthen our friendship

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President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić and President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović opened tonight in Belgrade “House of Montenegro”, saying that this building should give way to strengthening of our friendship.

Vujanović said that opening of “House of Montenegro” has special value and significance, and that it represents yet another confirmation of close relations of two countries.

“Montenegro has decided that this be “House of Montenegro” in Belgrade, that will not only be dedicated to diplomacy, but affirmation of partnership with Serbia. The house will have open doors for friends in Serbia, in order to improve our relations”, Vujanović said.

According to him, both state houses are designed to have open doors and invite friendship and stability.

He said that the fact that “House of Montenegro” opened on Montenegro’s National Day holds special significance.

Vujanović thanked Nikolić, who demonstrated dedication to values of cooperation and good relations in the future.

“Our house in the Capital of Serbia, a gift to Montenegro on the day it celebrates its nation, I understand as a gateway to friendship, center of ideas, cooperation, true dedication to our past and our future, and a strong link between our people and states”, Nikolić said at the opening.

He said that in Belgrade, and Serbia in general, there is no lack of houses for those who come from Montenegro, and they are welcomed honestly, but Serbia did miss a house with a concept that creates an even stronger bond.

“I expect the concept of “House of Montenegro” to be that of a cultural center, commerce center, youth exchange. The leadership of both states agreed to have houses in Podgorica and Belgrade”, Nikolić said.

According to him, each country will choose content, but they will do it with a mutual interest to do good for all citizens, to find mutually beneficial answers, solve different matters, make friends, and always feel at home.

President of Serbia congratulated National Day to Montenegro, wishing that Montenegro continues its progress.

Ambassador of Montenegro in Serbia Branislav Mićunović said that “House of Montenegro” is yet another symbol of a close relationship between Podgorica and Belgrade.

Governments of Serbia and Montenegro signed an agreement on using real estate, mutually, for accommodation of diplomats.

Serbia made an obligation to lend Montenegro a house with an address Čakorska 2 in Belgrade, while Montenegro is obliged to lend a house with an address Ivan Crnojević 10 in Podgorica.

“House of Montenegro” in Belgrade will be used for foreign affairs of Montenegro, as well as cultural and national promotion and cooperation in Serbia.

The celebration was attended by diplomats, politicians, celebrities from Serbia and Montenegro.

Symbol of good relations between Montenegro and Serbia

Earlier today Nikolić and Vujanović had a meeting where they said that “House of Montenegro” represents a symbol of great relationship between Serbia and Montenegro, and its historical endurance.

Nikolić said he was dedicated to improve relations with Montenegro, as a condition of stability and progress in the region.

“President enjoyed a warm welcome, and expressed readiness for strengthening of mutual trust and cooperation at all levels, primarily in economy and infrastructure”, it was said from the cabinet of President of Montenegro.

Two presidents said that the bilateral relations of two countries are now more developed.

Mutual interest in progress

Vujanović also met Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić.

They said there is a mutual interest for progress in bilateral relations.

“We expect a more common exchange of officials between Serbia and Montenegro, to which end “House of Montenegro” will contribute”, it was stated from the cabinet.

Serbian Prime Minister and Montenegrin President discussed better traffic and energetics connection between countries, that would contribute to economic development.

Vučić and Vujanović said that regional stability is necessary to preserve, and said that Montenegro and Serbia are dedicated to contribute to the progress of Western Balkan.

Gojković: Fight against fascism the common value

President of National Parliament of Serbia Maja Gojković congratulated on Montenegro’s National Day and said that it represents a fight against fascism, which is a shared value connecting two countries.

Gojković said that Serbia pays special attention to bilateral relations with Montenegro and that she is interested to contribute to improvement, especially when it comes to EU integration.

Gojković said that citizens of Serbia confirmed their support to reforms and Serbia’s EU road.

“President of the Parliament said that two countries share a strong interest within Berlin Process, that has a big impact on EU integration of the whole region, as well as peace and stability in Western Balkan”, the statement reads.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro