Vujanović: Average salary in Montenegro increased for 70% in the last ten years

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In ten years since regaining its independence, Montenegro has increased its gross national product for 70%, average salary for 70%, pensions for 100%, said Filip Vujanović, President of Montenegro, during Crans Montana Forum in Vienna. He said that life quality of Montenegrin citizens must progress in an efficient and fast dynamic, as crucial directions in economic politics are appropriately set.

Crans Montana Forum in Vienna is dedicated to peace, stability and international cooperation. Vujanovic said that crucial directions of action have three levels.

“They are partnerships we make through EU integration, regional and bilateral cooperation and participation in regional initiatives that include Western Balkan”, he said.

“Montenegro has increased its development from 30% to 43% and accomplished investments in the amount of 7,3 billion EUR, which is the highest level in South Eastern Europe, and one of the highest in Euroope”, he added.

When it comes to regional initiatives in economy, special significance is held in providing free trade withing Agreement on free trade in Central Europe CEFTA.

Vujanović reminded that Montenegro is presiding in CEFTA this year, and it has an ambition to pass the Agreement on trade benefits that would significantly decrease expenses of trade, harmonize the customs, balance out regulations and border controls.

“Members of CEFTA, Montenegro, Serbia, BiH, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Moldova, would then get possibility of better space for improving economic cooperation, and more room for a dynamic development of state economies“, Vujanović said.

He said that the third direction of action are bilateral partnerships and using initiatives that pertain to Western Balkan.

“Based on the experience of World trade organization, Montenegro made agreements on free trade with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and member states of European Free Trade Association EFTA. We pay special significance to China’s initiative within 16+1 project, and we plan to use these benefits to implement some of the most important infrastructure projects in Montenegro“, Vujanović said.

Thanks to this particular partnership, Montenegro has acquired a credit in Chinese Exim Bank, for the construction of traffic infrastructure – highway Podgorica – Mateševo, that connects Montenegro’s central and northern region.

“We want to express our readiness to continue our cooperation within this important Chinese initiative for Central and Eastern Europe“, Vujanović said.

According to him, it is clear that the condition of stability is economic development through cooperation in the region and between regions.

“We are contributing to solving open political matters, creating a framework for them to be solved in a moore dynamic pace. Montenegro will continue to be a reliable partner to its neighbors and countries in the region”, he said.

He said that thematic of Crans Montana Forum is appropriate considering challenges faced today by the international community.

“Problems of terrorism, migrations, poverty, climate change, they require a global response and make cooperation necessary. Each country has unique experiences, and the partnerships must be built on trust and mutual respect“, Vujanović said.

He reminded that Montenegro is in the process of getting Accession Protocol to NATO ratified.

“Montenegro opened 22 chapters, closed 2, and is preparing to open the rest. In the economic sense, EU integration provide concrete framework for improving traffic and energy infrastructure, with concrete priorities, donations and budget for these projects“, Vujanović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro