Vujanovic decided: Dusko Markovic to form a new government; Minorities will decide by the end of the week

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Montenegro will get new government in the next few weeks, outgoing Prime Minister and head of the DPS Milo Djukanovic said after consultation with the President of Montenegro on prime minister-elect. Upon Djukaniovic’s proposal Vujanovic decided to task Dusko Markovic with forming a new government.

“I founded the proposal on the election results. DPS has triumphed in the elections. In the coming period we will reach a detailed agreement. No further than the next few weeks we will get a new government”, Djukanovic is sure.

As for the opposition’s decision not to recognise the election result, Djukanovic says:

“Let’s remember whether the opposition has recognised any election results during these 25 years, including the independence referendum. It is obvious that they rationalise this way – I run in the elections in order to win, but if I don’t win, then the conditions were irregular”, he said.

Djukanovic sees that as an extremely infantile political approach, “which brings no good either to Montenegro or to those who think that way, and, as we see, it does not bring any good because their defeats are inevitably repeated”.

“Instead of that, it is obviously necessary to understand that if you participate in a game, it is possible to win or to lose it. If you lose, you need to take a dignified attitude towards the result of the democratic will of the citizens”, Djukanovic said.

According to him, the opposition seemingly cannot accept that and “they are apparently obsessed with the idea use various scenarios to get in power without elections”.

“They tried that on 24 October last year with an imagined government of national unity, because they did not feel like going to the polls. They knew what results they could expect. Then they tried to get into power by providing assistance in carrying out terrorist acts. They continually show that they are not interested in the election results”, Djukanovic said.

As he said, the opposition tried to rewrite the election results through the State Election Commission.

“All in all – that is a political circus and frivolousness of the people who consider Montenegro as a primitive province where it is possible to get into power from the streets. We sent them a clear message that it will not be possible,” said Djukanovic.

On the other hand, Vujanovic said he was glad because the opposition representative had come personally and asked to be tasked to form a government instead of doing that through the media.

The Democratic Front (DF), the Key coalition, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Democrats were represented at the meeting by Dritan Abazovic. However, the president said they had different views on who should be tasked with forming a new government.

“My constitutional duty is to suggest an MP from the candidate list that won the most seats. I think that’s the logic of the elections. Dusko Markovic should be prime minister-elect committed to integrations and economic progress”, said Vujanovic.

Minority parties negotiate with DPS first

DPS won 36 seats, DF 18, the Key coalition 9, the Democrats 8, SDP four, SD and BS won two seats each and the Albanians Resolute coalition and HGI one MP each.

“National minorities will first agree on a common platform. Once we sign the platform, we will start negotiations with Dusko Markovic. First, we will offer the platform to the DPS”, the president of the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) Marija Vucinovic said.

The president of the Bosniak Party (BS) Rafet Husovic confirmed that the minority parties received only informal offers of the opposition to form a government.

“We got the offers through the media. Individual representatives had informal talks with the opposition. When we get an official offer, the party’s committee will discuss it”, he said.

Nazif Cungu (the Albanian Resolute coalition) said that the minority parties would announce their decision by the end of the week.

SD believes that there should be no delays

The president of the Social Democrats (SD) Ivan Brajovic believes that Montenegro will get a new government before the end of the month.

“We believe that there is a clear majority, and we think that we should not delay government formation”, said Brajovic.

He did not tell reporters which ministries SD asked.

Popovic called on SDP URA

The president of the Liberal Party (LP) Andrija Popovic said that it was expected that DPS was tasked with forming the government.

“I believe that the pro-Western option will have an absolute majority. It would be good if SDP and the URA Civic Movement joined us, since we all support NATO membership,” he said.

Opposition also calls on minorities

In addition to DPS, the opposition also wants minority parties’ support and offered them to form the government together in any way they want.

The opposition (the Key coalition, DF, SDP and the Democrats) won 39 out of 81 seats in the Parliament.

“Despite the atmosphere of a state coup, voters have decided that there should be changes in Montenegro. I informed Vujanovic that I represent the largest number of MPs. We have 39 seats and votes of 180,000 citizens. DPS and SD together have fewer MPs than we do. They have 38 MPs. In this atmosphere is not good to task someone who has fewer votes to form the government,” Abazovic told reporters after meeting with Vujanovic in the Gorica Villa.

“We do not recognise the elections, but we want to form a government that would organise free elections. The offer to the minorities remains open – let them form the government by themselves or together with the civic opposition minus DF”, he said.

PHOTO: Vedran Ilic

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro