Vujanović: Demos leaving cannot postpone the elections

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Demos announcing that it would leave the Government of electoral trust will not influence the elections scheduled for October 16th and there is no reason for postponing, said President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović after a session of SO Mojkovac held in celebration of Municipality Day.

Possible Demos departure from the Government, Vujanović believes, has no significance.

“The elections are scheduled and they will be held on October 16th. There is no reason to postpone the elections. Any cancellation would mean that we are in disrespect of the state, and there is no reason for that to happen”, he said.

He believes that the postponing of ratification of Agreement on demarcation between Montenegro and Kosovo will not influence relations between Priština and Podgorica.

“You know that we have ratified the Agreement. When will Kosovo do it, it is a matter of their interior politics. The Agreement was signed in Vienna with EU support. There is no reason for nervousness. We are patiently awaiting, and Kosovo will do it in their own pace”, the President said.

According to hi, Kosovo’s opposition blocking the border also has no bearing on bilateral relations of two countries.

“It is a matter of the mood of the citizens who did it. I believe that Kosovo Parliament will provide the majority that is necessary and I am convinced that this situation will not endanger our relations”, Vujanović underlined.

When asked if there could have been a better response to cow sickness, Vujanović said that this is a matter for the experts in the field.

“I think the Ministry needs to give that information. Without a doubt, there must be a way to mitigate the damages. I am certain that the solution will be managed”, Vujanović said.

President congratulated Municipality Day to Mojkovac and its administration, and said that their accomplishments are respectful.

“It is a great success to have investments were needed, which influences the better environment and life quality for Mojkovac. I am happy to see Bjelasica used in a good way, exploring its tourist potentials. Good plan for Jalovište showed a great space for sports complex and usage of all Mojkovac citizens. My congratulations to Mojkovac administration and I wish them to carry on”, the President said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro