Vujanovic: Elections cannot be scheduled according to daily political needs

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Any scheduling of elections during the current mandate of the Assembly – the Parliament of Montenegro or the Assembly of the Capital, Historic Capital or municipalities would have been a direct misuse of electoral scheduling and disruption of the current term of office, Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic said in response after “many months of insinuations and lies, insults and contempt for the alleged obligation to schedule elections in Podgorica, Tuzi and Golubovci.

“The obligation of the President of the country to schedule elections at both the state and local level is established by the Law, under very explicit terms, which cannot be interpreted according to daily political needs. The law explicitly states that regular elections are scheduled 15 days before the expiry of the election period, and organized in a manner that not less than 60 nor more than 100 days shall pass from the date of the announcement to the date of voting. Early elections may be scheduled only if the mandate of the Assembly is shortened – at both the state and local level. Anything else is a direct misuse of electoral scheduling and disruption of the current term of office. This means you cannot override the fundamental constitutional principles (Article 2, paragraph 3) and establish a government without the freely expressed will of citizens democratic elections”, explains the reaction.

The status of local governments of Tuzi and Golubovci has been changed and improved, but they remain constituents of the Capital. Their territory, although defined by settlements, remains part of the Capital and they continue to use the budget of the Capital City, although citizens of Golubovci and Tuzi preserve the right to elect not only their local assemblies, but also representatives in the Assembly of the Capital”, President’s response added.

The fact is that Tuzi and Golubovci are not constituted as independent municipalities – their status is merely changed to allow a greater level of local self-government. This means Tuzi and Golubovci, under current law, may have elections before the end of their terms only if their assemblies shorten their mandates.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro