Vujanovic: Elections will not be rescheduled; the Troika is aware of their interest

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Commenting on the opposition’s announcement that they will leave the government of electoral trust, the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic said that “they certainly knew what their best interest was”. He clearly said that the date of the elections scheduled for 16 October would not be changed and that the opposition should decide on their own weather to run in the elections.

During his visit to Petnjica, Vujanovic noted the two, as he said, is undoubtedly valuable facts.

“Firstly, the second block of the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja is a priority for Montenegro. It will provide energy independence of Montenegro and will certainly ensure that we have a surplus of electricity for export. It will enable preserving 1,200 jobs and providing 200 at least 200 new jobs. When it comes to Pljevlja, the second block represents a chance to reduce pollution there to an acceptable level and finally shows that we have a responsible attitude towards the Czech partner who won the tender”, said Vujanovic.

He also added that it was in Montenegro’s interest to affirm A2A as a company that will be here.

Vujanovic also commented on unveiling the monument to Baresic, pointing out that it would not worsen relations between Montenegro and Croatia.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro