Vujanović: I am not expecting incidents on Kosovo border

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There is no reason that anyone in Kosovo should be dissatisfied with Montenegro. We did not earn any bad acts of Kosovo people, said President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović during the celebratory session of local assembly in Kolašin.

When asked whether he expects incidents on Kosovo border after the ratification of Agreement on demarcation is passed in Kosovo Parliament, Vujanović said he does not.

“I do not expect any incidents of course. You know my attitude on this Agreement. It was made through careful consideration. It was signed in Vienna, and ratified in Montenegro. It is Kosovo’s interior matter when will it be ratified there, but we are understandable”, Vujanović was clear.

“We are a country who treats others with respect, and we accepted the reality in Kosovo. According to the population of Kosovo, we have been responsible. We did not deserve any bad acts. We are a good neighbor and a good partner. I expect Kosovo to understand this”, Vujanović is assured.

Regional media from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro published yesterday an announcement of so called Albanian national army that threatened war between Albania and Montenegro should the Agreement be ratified. Vujanović has no knowledge of this.

“I learned about this from the media. I believe that citizens of Kosovo understand that Montenegro is a good neighbour. We have no pretensions, and have only respect”, he said.

Montenegro demonstrated respect for the Agreement.

“I think agreement on borders in our region sends a good message, because it is a sensitive matter. Montenegro is responsible as a country, respects the reality of Kosovo and I expect Kosovo to reciprocate”, he said.

Matters in Kosovo are their interior business, and the Parliament should be well prepared for the ratification.

“We have been patient. We respect Kosovo’s interior pace. We do not need anyone’s land. We want good relations with neighbours and we are internationally supported in this intent”, he said.

He was asked whether safety services are on alert.

“Montenegro cares about its safety. In this situation, we feel secure. No citizen will be put in danger. I will repeat, there is no reason to be dissatisfied with Montenegro. We want good relations with the region”, Vujanović said.

It is in our interest to connect the area of Plav and Peć, like it used to exist.

“Good communication, good trade. The border should be no obstacle. I hope that Kosovo’s Parliament resolves this issue in a responsible manner”, Vujanović concluded in Kolašin.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro