Vujanović: I believe that the new Government will be efficient

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President Filip Vujanović said that he believes that the government of electoral trust will be efficient in its achievements.

The structure of the new Government has been put in as a suggestion to the Parliament by Prime Minister Mila Đukanovića, and it features a list of candidates suggested by URA, SDP and Demos, but not Socialist People’s Party.

The Government of electoral trust that will include representatives from the opposition should be formed during next week.

Vujanović said that it would be good if SNP was a part of the Agreement on free and fair elections.

“I am of firm belief that the new Government will run more efficiently and that it will accomplish its goals in an efficient manner”, he said in Budva.

He said that the new members of the Government dedicated to its good work have his respect.

“I believe they will be dedicated and demonstrate the full sense of this arrangement by achieving its goal”, Vujanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro