Vujanović: I do not see Đukanović’s statement on Šešelj as a statesman’s or politician’s opinion

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President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović does not take the statement of Prime Minister Milo Đukanović on the acquittal of leader of Radicals Vojislav Šešelj to be a statement representing his opinion as a statesman or politician.

When asked by journalists to give comment on Šešelj’s acquittal, Vujanović was clear.

“You are well aware that I never comment on verdicts. I explained to our public on many occasions that I do not think comments on verdicts of national or international courts are wise”, he said.

Still, because it is a decision of the International Court, he gave his opinion on the whole process.

“International Court in Hague has shown so far that the guilt is a matter of an individual and that their criminal proceedings are against the individuals who are charged. Whether these proceedings end with an acquittal or a charge, they represent an individual decision in relation to the person charged in Hague Court. These decisions should in no way influence the relationships between people and states in the space of former Yugoslavia”, Vujanović said.

The International Court in Hague has not been created to make peace or war between our people and our states.

“It was created to make decisions on guilt of those charged. I see verdicts in Hague in relation to those who were charged from the point of view of evidence demonstrated”, Vujanović was clear.

In relation to Prime Minister’s statement, Vujanović said he did not see it as an opinion of a statesman or politician.

“I believe he follow a custom that exists in our people, which is to express sentiment on the freedom of those who were incarcerated for a long time. Šešelj was in jail for almost 12 years, and Prime Minister’s statement was, in my opinion, a personal impression of a citizen, not a politician or statesman”, Vujanović said.

He reminded of the Government’s attitude towards Šešelj during the time of his activities in Montenegro.

“You are aware he was denied residence in Montenegro. He was banished from Montenegro during the time of Đukanović’s Government. No radical idea can ever take ground here. It is an idea on the far right. It was marked as destructive for Serbia in Prime Minister’s Vučić statement as well. In Montenegro, there is no ground for destruction and extremism to succeed. I believe that our Prime Minister has the same statesman and political attitude towards radicals as he has always had. His statement was a citizen’s opinion towards a freedom gained based on proceedings that were long and had a long jail time as well”, Vujanović said.

As far as he is concerned, he remains steadfast in his attitude.

“I do not comment on verdicts. I do not express my opinions towards the charged, except to state the facts and the verdict. I think my biography of a man who dealt with guilt shows that this is an appropriate attitude for a president of a country”, Vujanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro