Vujanović: Montenegro to join NATO as soon as possible

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President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović said that it is important that MOntenegro becomes member of NATO as soon as possible so the it can be demonstrated that reforms in defense and general society are accepted, respected and valorized.

He said that he believes that all the member states would ratify the protocol in a swift manner.

“This is a challenging time with many global issues, but it is also a time in which policy of expansion is proven as a responsible response for those challenges”, Vujanović said during 6th 2BS Forum in Budva.

He thinks that it is important that BiH and Macedonia also work to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović congratulated Montenegro on its NATO invitation and said that she hopes it would soon join both NATO and EU.

She thinks that Montenegro at this stage should think of after-accession strategy and its profile as a state, its main goals and ways of achieving them.

“There are no small states, everyone is as big as they make themselves to be, both regionally and internationally”, Grabar Kitarović said, adding that Croatia did not have this after-accession strategy.

“The invitation for Montenegro is a great signal and message for everyone”, she said.

President of Slovenia Borut Pahor said that NATO members in the region have an obligation to cooperate more.

He thinks that process of ratification is important, adding that Slovenia will discuss it in June.

“It is important that all 28 states do it as soon as possible because the safety situation is changing and getting worse”, Pahor warned, pointing towards Ukraine, Middle East, North Africa.

“We need to do everything we can to prevent safety issues in West Balkans. All our initiatives and cooperation needs to go towards preventing this”, Pahor said.

Pahor said that at this moment aggressive Russian policies and international terrorism are changing the safety situation and that the region needs to work at keeping its peace and safety.

“We respect the decision of Serbia to not apply for joining NATO, as well as Montenegro’s decision to apply. It would be important that BiH applies for NATO because it would mean better security in the region”, Pahor said.

He said that everyone needs to do their job, and that EU cannot put aside the process of expansion, while the region should “play its part” as well.

“This region should be a part of Europe. We want to see EU expanded. We see West Balkans in EU and we need to consider security status of Ukraine and Turkey”, Pahor said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro