Vujanovic: NATO invitation – recognition of the success of our reforms

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We see NATO invitation to Montenegro as recognition of the success of our reforms, but also as a contribution to stability in the region, said Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic at the Summit of the SEEP Heads of State and Government in Sofia.

Vujanovic pointed out that the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) was one of the most important regional mechanisms.

In his speech, Vujanovic said that Montenegro was fully committed to the strengthening of regional stability and good neighbourly cooperation.

“We are proud of sincere and lasting friendship with everyone in the region. Montenegro has opened 22 chapters in the EU accession process and strengthened the European perspective of the region as an important element of stability of the continent”, he said.

He added that regional cooperation was a prerequisite for the progress of the countries of the region, particularly in a time of great challenges.

“SEECP has also significantly promoted the political and social responsibility, which is also necessary for the stability of the region. It was confirmed as a platform to consider regional perspectives and provided support to the implementation of the integration aspirations of the countries. Pro-European character of its activities is a reflection of our efforts in the implementation of EU standards”, Vujanovic said.

According to Vujanovic, the region will be better connected to Europe in terms of energy, after completing the installation of the submarine power cable between Italy and Montenegro and construction of relevant infrastructure in Montenegro.

“The region also needs the Ionian Adriatic Pipeline, as part of a large intercontinental project of providing gas supply from Azerbaijan. Montenegro currently chairs the Migrants, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI) and believes the initiative should be included in this cooperation. Of course, co-operation with all relevant international partners is also necessary. Montenegro also strongly supports the Western Balkans Counter-Terrorism Initiative and the regional platform for countering radicalisation and violent extremism leading to terrorism and foreign terrorist fighters in Southeast Europe”, he said.

During the meeting, the declaration which reflects the achievements of the process over the past two decades was adopted. Croatia will take over the chairmanship of the process.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro