Vujanovic Obliged to Convene a Meeting of the Council

The President of the Council for Defence and Security Filip Vujanovic has an obligation under the rules of procedure to convene a session of that body if one of its members requires it, said the president of the parliament Ranko Krivokapic, stating that the Council should discuss the withdrawal of Boro Vucinic from the position of a head of the National Security Agency (ANB).

Krivokapic previously asked Vujanovic to convene a meeting of the Council at which they would discussed the withdrawal of Vucinic, which was refused according to the media.

The head of the parliament considered that if a member asks a session, then it is the duty of Vujanovic to convene it.

“It is so in the parliament, when one third requires a session I am obliged to convene. It is essential at the end of the year to evaluate the work of the National Security Agency in order to get a correct diagnosis, since the reforms in this sector is one of the key conditions for membership in the Alliance, and therefore the Council has to meet. I expect the president of the state to adapt the decision in accordance with the rules of procedure and what is more important-with the state interests of Montenegro”, Krivokapic said to reporters at the hotel Ramada.

Asked whether he thought Vucinic handled his job properly, Krivokapic said that the former head of the ANB has solved one of the most important issues in European integration, “not completely, but he significantly improved the situation in this body.”

“The issue of security and ANB is no longer a priority for Montenegro, more work remains to be done, but it is evident that progress is measurable”, said Krivokapic.

He added that he would like to hear about the reasons for the withdrawal of Vucinic at the session of the Defense Council.

“Montenegro has to consider such important questions at the supreme body for defense and security”, said Krivokapic.

He explained his earlier statement about deflecting of Montenegro from the Euro-Atlantic road.

“Withdrawal of the head of ANB and some other things could indicate to a sphere of decision-making which does not have full legal foundation. And if we know that the first request for membership in NATO is the rule of law, it is clear that these are the defelctions”, Krivokapic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro