Vujanovic: Prevlaka would be tougher issue

The controversy over Sutorina needlessly complicated relations between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the matter is now closed, said the President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic. In an interview with Anatolia, he said that the agreement with the Croatia, regarding Prevlaka, will be harder to make.

The Vienna summit of officials of the Western Balkans to be held in late August has double value, on the one hand the value of the political, and on the other economic , said in an exclusive interview with Anatolia, President of the Republic of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic.

Asked about Sutorina issue, Vujanovic said it was fully closed.
“I very much look forward to it, because the closing of the issue preceded a six-year process of determining the boundary line. And it was completed with full consent of all those who participated in it,” said Vujanovic.

Vujanovic added that in his opinion an outstanding act had been made and that he would be very glad that in the BiH a consensus about the reality was reached.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro