Vujanović: Strategic goals of the country to be seriously tested on the elections

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Some of the strategic goals of Montenegro will be seriously tested during the upcoming elections, said President of the state Filip Vujanović during the celebratory session of Nikšić local parliament, held in honor of Day of Municipality.

Responding to journalists’ question of whether he agrees with Prime Minister’s estimate that on October 16th Montenegro is defending its state and EU integration road, Vujanović said that European path is on the test of public.

“Some strategic goals will be seriously tested. I believe that the European path is one of the things that will be tested in the public. I have never considered NATO integration as anything else than a confirmation of seriousness of those integrations”, Vujanović said.

He believes that by meeting NATO criteria, we are meeting EU standards as well, and negotiating with NATO partners is a way to negotiate with EU partners as well.

“I cannot imagine that we would demonstrate immaturity in our NATO integration process, and seriousness in EU integration. These are compatible processes in my opinion. I believe that citizens of Montenegro vote to have Montenegro belong in Europe. This is an integrational world that allows better life quality, ensures Montenegro’s economy and life standard at the highest level”, Vujanović said.

Asked if he, as the President, will take any initiative due to dramatic election campaigns, Vujanović said that positive campaigns are the only ones that are beneficial.

“I believe that Montenegrin public receives positive information and vision the best. I think Montenegro expects positive campaigns, and negative campaigns are a serious risk. It shows your inability to offer a positive idea and present your achievements. On the other hand, you are ready to demonstrate unchecked facts or lies”, Vujanović said.

He believes that that form of communication does not belong in Montenegro.

“I have always believed that negative campaigns are not a good presentation of your values and it cannot bring benefits. I expect the voters of Montenegro to respond to the relation between positive and negative campaigns accordingly”, Vujanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro