Vujanović: The Agreement is a proof of democracy, to be signed as soon as possible

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The Agreement on Free and Fair Elections should be signed as soon as possible, President Filip Vujanović said, stating that this document is a proof of democracy in Montenegro.

When asked when he expects the Agreement to be signed, he said he thinks it will be soon.

„It is a certain proof of democratic responsibility of Montenegro and its readiness to enable the opposition to participate in the executive branch of the leadership in a responsible way, to be witness of functioning os state institutions in electoral process, gaining a chance to determine that this process makes for credible results in parliamentary elections“, Vujanović said for Voice of America.

He said that he believes that this is the first time the opposition has been offered to participate in the campaign and thusly eliminate objections to Government’s activities being only favorable to the leading coalition.

„I expect to see the leadership organized in such a way as to demonstrate that this model shows high democratic responsibility and readiness to do everything in order for election’s results to be universally accepted, while the Government can preserve credibility“, Vujanović added.

He said that this is of special interest, because Montenegro has been working on processes of EU and NATO integration.

When asked whether he expects issues in the functioning of the new Government, he said that he does not.

„I expect those who enter the Government to be aware of their responsibility and to be dedicated to the obligations that are in jurisdiction of their ministries, where they will be able to fully control the work of all instances that participate in electoral process and to be confident of free and fair conditions“, Vujanović said.

When asked when does he expect Montenegro to become a full member of the Alliance, Vujanović said that it is hard to make fixed date prognosis.

„What I know is that there is a favorable mood for ratification. After the protocol is determined, i think the countries of our region will be the first to do the ratification”, he said.

When asked whether the October elections will give a turning point when it comes to joining NATO, he said that he does not expect that to happen.

„I do not see any reason to slow down this process, on the contrary, I think there are reasons to speed it up, because Montenegro has accomplished NATO standards“, Vujanović said.

When asked how does Montenegro plan to resolve corruption and free media problems, that are mentioned in the recent State Department’s report, Vujanović said that the rule of law is the crucial need of Montenegrin society.

„We are truly dedicated to providing all the conditions for the rule of law to be fully respected and we want to support all the experts who can contribute to the more quality organization of all institutions and their functioning in the field of the rule of law”, Vujanović said

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro