Vujanovic under the pressure

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Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic is under pressure to schedule local elections for the Capital and 11 municipalities at the same time as the presidential elections, reported the Cabinet of the Head of the Montenegrin state.

The Cabinet yesterday announced that it is legally impossible for local elections in Podgorica and 11 other municipalities to be held on April 15, when the presidential elections will be held.

“Before the scheduling of the presidential elections and immediately after it some of the opposition parties through the media, exert pressure on the President of Montenegro to schedule local elections for the capital and 11 municipalities at the same time as the presidential elections. Pressure is done through the media without an official and reasoned written proposal to the President of Montenegro who would have been given legal arguments. Valuable arguments for such a proposal could not be given, but the intention is to force the President through political and media pressure to unlawfully announce local elections. Those parties, instead of seeking through local assemblies to shorten their mandates and commit to early scheduling of the election, decided to use political and media pressure, ” Vujanovic’s cabinet said.

It is recalled that the current Law on the Elections of Councilors and Deputies determines the duration of the mandate of the councilor until the time for which they were elected.

Their mandate, as they explain, ends with the constitution of the newly elected Assembly and it can not be constituted before the expiry of the mandate of the previously elected councilors.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro