Vujanovic: We’ve made progress, but the quality of life needs to be improved

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The quality of life of Montenegrin citizens must be improved effectively and as quickly as possible, especially in the area of using entrepreneurship possibilities, especially family-oriented and especially in the north of the country, said the President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic.

“Our resources allow it, and development opportunities in the areas of agriculture, forestry and tourism definitely give the possibility of creating new jobs and real, quality revenue from entrepreneurship”, Vujanovic said in an interview the Mina-business news agency.

He said that the macroeconomic indicators of Montenegrin economy after ten years of independence undoubtedly confirm its development.

“Ten years later, our domestic product increased by 70 percent or 1.5 billion euros. The number of employees increased for about 40 thousand, while the employment rate increased from 34.5 percent to 44.3 percent. Average earnings rose from 282 euros to 480 euros, or about 70 percent, and the average pension went from 138 to around 270 euros, or about 100 percent”, said Vujanovic.

He noted that the development of Montenegro in relation to the EU increased from 30 percent to 43 percent, and that total investment volume in the last ten years amounted to 7.3 billion euros, which makes it the largest per capita in Southeast Europe.

“In ten years of independence, we had only two years of recession, while in all other years we managed economic growth. Of course, we know Montenegro still faces significant problems and challenges”, said Vujanovic.

He said that the interest of foreign investors in Montenegro is exceptional, and that it is so because of, primarily, valuable natural and economic resources.

Vujanovic reminded that the coast now boasts tourist complexes whose value is recognized in the entire Mediterranean and worldwide, while the exceptional geographic location and natural beauty of Montenegro represent a most powerful magnet for all valuable investments.

“However, we must be responsible to investors, we must show them they are investing in a country that respects them, so that we could, through them, attracts new investors. I have always pointed out that it is not good to lose a prestigious investor. We must admit that that’s exactly what happened to us on several occasions”, said Vujanovic.

He said he expects these negative experiences will be avoided in the future, and that through seriousness towards investors, Montenegro can take advantage of its attractiveness.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro