Vujisic injured, Zarubica detained

Drama in the Federation of Trade Unions of Montenegro. President of the Assembly of Trade Union Branko Vujisic sustained injuries while Dusko Zarubica was trying to enter Trade Union Federation. The police arrested Zarubica and his colleagues who along with him, were trying to enter the union.

Vujisic, who was given medical help at the emergency center, said that he was in the Trade Union, where he was working as president of the assembly.

“At noon about twenty of them came. Among them were mostly people who have long been excluded from the Union. Porter called me because they were forcibly trying to open the door. I came and asked them not to do that. Then, I was attacked by five or six people. They beat me with their fists”, Vujisic said for Portal RTCG.

He also claimed that he was hit by “Zarubica, then Baosic, then Djuranovic”.

Zarubica and 40 people earlier tried to enter the offices of Trade Union in order to held the session of the Main Committee.

“We gave a chance to colleagues in a civilized way to leave the offices and perform the handover. However, they remained there”, Zarubica said back then.

He stated that the legal procedure is underway adding that he expects to legally take over offices as soon as possible.

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare on 14 May decided that Zarubica was entered in the Register of Trade Unions as its secretary general instead of Marko Nikcevic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro