Vujovic: DF provoked the incident trying to regain people’s trust

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Today’s incident in the Parliament is a difficult point in the development of parliamentarism, said the director of CEMI, Zlatko Vujovic.

“This behaviour, particularly provocations and incidents caused by Democratic Front (DF) is a blow to parliamentarism in Montenegro. The reputation of the Parliament and the institution of MPs has been tarnished”, said Vujovic appearing on Atlas TV.

He also said that the incident was a form of tightening relations among political entities in Montenegro.

“I think this is a continuation of a DF’s strategy of causing incidents. The same thing was attempted with the protests at which they tried to direct popular discontent towards violent epilogue. Now there is a situation in which they are trying to provoke an incident in the Parliament in order to regain shaken citizens’ trust”, Vujovic said, adding that a variety of surveys including the latest IPSOS’s poll – support for DF is declining and it will win just six or seven seats in the Parliament at the upcoming general elections.

Vujovic also points out that there were failures by numerous entities during the incident.

“In my opinion, Parliament Speaker made a mistake by allowing such a situation in the Parliament. However, he should be understood, since no one expected such behaviour… On the other hand, a parliamentary security also failed, since it should have provided protection to Djukanovic, as well as his own security, because its members were late”, Vujovic said.

This situation, he says, showed the weakness of the institutions – the Parliament as well as parliamentarianism.

“It is very bad, because the only agreement which would lead to fair and free elections in Montenegro has been tried to be obstructed in such a primitive way”, Vujovic said.

He hopes that DPS will not use this incident to eventually withdraw from the agreement.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro