Vujovic has not been owner of Mikulic Company since 2012; he did not want to comment on the tax debt

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Deputy Prime Minister Milorad Vujovic claims that he signed an agreement on the sale of his founders’ share in Mikulic Company in 2012. Thus he transferred all the ownership rights and ended severed ties with this company. He did not want to comment on the fact that Mikulic Company had €146,000 tax debt, adding that he does not like to talk about people after having finished cooperation with them.

He said that the attacks by certain media outlets were caused by the evidence he presented and questions he asked although the current government does not like them.

“It is known that the government uses the harshest methods when someone tries to take off its mask and present it to the public in the right light”, said Vujovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro