Vujovic: I believe that ministers from URA will remain in the government despite the party’s decision

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Political analyst and director of CEMI Zlatko Vujovic believes that it is best for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to stay in the government as soon as possible, but not to be alone in it. SDP is expected to follow the Demos’s decision not to leave the government of electoral trust.

“By staying in the government, SDP protects jobs of its members who still hold positions in state bodies. URA’s leaving also raises the question of filling up their positions. It is very important to do that urgently, particularly in the areas of employment and education, which are traditionally misused in the election campaign. I believe that the members of the government representing URA will continue to work regardless the fact that the party nominated them”, Vujovic told Dnevne Novine newspaper.

He believes that Demos’s responsibility in the government was higher than the one of the two other opposition entities. According to Vujovic, large discretionary powers vested in the minister of interior are the reason for this.

“As long as the DEMOS believes it can contribute to the regularity of the electoral process, it should be a part of the government. The interior minister has broad discretionary powers, which gives him real power to remove all illegally registered voters from the electoral roll… If unquestionably clean electoral roll is the result of the government of electoral trust, it will be more than enough success to justify the entry of the opposition parties in the government”, Vujovic said.

Asked whether different positions on the participation in the government could compromise the idea of ​​the coalition, Vujovic said that the three entities would try not to have mutual conflicts during the election campaign despite different approaches.

“URA will come in the focus of DPS’s media attacks and it will also mobilise its resources, which are not large, to conduct election campaign”, Vujovic said.

He believes that success in Demos’s control over electoral rolls can be an incentive for the success of this party’s campaign, but also to justify their stay in the government.

“However, if the situation over control of electoral roll escalates, or if the DPS manages to stop this process through other institutions, then it will be a strong justification for leaving the government before the elections, but also a powerful mobilising factor for homogenisation, as well as for attracting voters of other parties to support Demos”, Vujovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro