Vujovic: If the ‘troika’ leaves the Government, new political crisis will begin

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Political analyst Zlatko Vujovic thinks that if SDP, Demos and URA leave the government a new political crisis will be created, which will take us back in time by six months without leaving room for finding an acceptable solution.

There is no constitutional option for delaying the elections, so this could lead to unconstitutional actions which would be very similar to what happened in Macedonia, which is something that I believe nobody in Montenegro wants.

„However, in order for “troika” to succeed in such quest, they would have to have support from Western partners. But I don’t see any room for this type of support, at this moment, under these conditions”, said Vujovic for Pobjeda.

„But we should keep in mind that joining the government was a big move which was abviously not a result of a joint strategy, if not for long term, it should have been at least prepared for until the elections. Lack of the agreement for joint program on the elections opens many issues as the elections approach”, emphasized Vujovic.

According to his words it is more than clear that these three subjects have different interests in terms of program, but also in terms of election strategy.

From this perspective, as Vujovic emphasized, the move by civic movement URA is not surprising because they need to prepare their position for the upcoming elections, which have been significantly shaken, primarily by the strong campaign of the media close to DPS, but also by insufficiently profiled identity.

He said that Demos and SDP will make a decision based on their individual interests, but if any of these two subjects decides the same as URA, than for the third one it will be very difficult to remain.

„But if everyone leaves, ti will be difficult to explain such decision to international community, but also to contest the regularity of elections”, said Vujovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro