Vujovic: NATO damages relations between Montenegro and Serbia

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Unlike those who claim that the relations between Serbia and Montenegro are improving, the analyst Zlatko Vujovic believes it is only a lull.

It seems that relations between Serbia and Montenegro are harmonious. There are no significant outstanding issues between Belgrade and Podgorica, at least in public. However, it seems to me that this is, in some way, just a lull, because the strategic interests of the two countries are partly confronted”, Vujovic said.

Vujovic took part in the conference Relations between Serbia and Montenegro 10 years after the Referendum, which was held in Belgrade. He told Politika newspaper that the contentious issues between the two countries would emerge again as some of the contentious issues such as NATO integration are opened or if there is a change of political forces in Serbia.

Asked how the changes in the Serbian Parliament would affect relations between the two countries, Vujovic said that it was possible that radical political parties’ (SRS, Dveri, DSS) entering the Parliament would affect the relations.

“Those parties are labelled as parties that have a very negative stance on some of the Montenegro’s strategic priorities. Under their pressure in the Parliament, the ruling Progressive Party perhaps will have to change their discourse related to Montenegro”, Vujovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro