Vujovic: Opposition’s boycott has not helped SNP, HGI in crisis

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The Socialist People’s Party (SNP) tried to use the boycott of the part of the opposition and to strengthen its positions. Well, it turned out that this strategy was not helpful. So weak, opposition parties have partly become an easy prey to the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), the analyst Zlatko Vujovic told CdM commenting on the election result in Tivat. He also noted that the Croatian Civil Initiative (HGI) underwent a heavy defeat and that the party was in a severe crisis.

With 17 seats, the DPS is an absolute winner of the local elections in Tivat. As CDT’s data show, the Social Democrats won four seats, whereas SNP, HGI, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Tivat Action won two seats each. Boka Forum, Democratic Serb Party and the Arsenal Tivat won one seat each. The Liberal Party (LP), the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and the Montenegrin Democratic Union (CDU) did not win any seats.

Asked whose votes DPS took and who the party needs to thank for winning absolute power, Vujovic said that there were no relevant evidence that can prove who the voters of the parties that boycotted the elections supported.

“However, it can be suggested that voters HGI, SNP and partly Liberals were the closest to DPS. HGI is experiencing a heavy defeat. Even being in a coalition with DPS at the national level has not helped. The party is in a dire crisis and after this result, its ability to fight for guaranteed seats for the Croatian community is questionable”, explained Vujovic.

According to him, HGI’s failure is particularly significant because this party could hope for political success in only two municipalities – Tivat and Kotor.

“After such a failure in one of the two municipalities, the party is in crisis from which it will be difficult to get out”, he said.

Vujovic noted that the SNP’s voters largely denied their support to the party. Obviously, SNP tried to use part of the opposition’s boycott to strengthen its positions.

“However, it has been shown that this strategy was not helpful. So weak, opposition parties have partly become an easy prey to DPS. The moves of SNP’s leadership apparently confused voters, so the party should seriously review the policy if it does not want to deal with a new failure in general elections”, said Vujovic.

Liberals, the Positive Montenegro and CDU failed to reach an agreement, so all three parties (although one of them did not participate in the elections) remained without seats, Vujovic said, adding that it is clear now that their joint appearance would allow them to enter the Assembly.

Vujovic does not believe that the resignation of the director of the public broadcaster RTCG Radojka Rutovic affected the outcome of elections in Tivat.

“However, announcements that the agreement would be accepted without postponing the elections in Tivat, surely weakened the position of political parties that boycotted the elections”, Vujovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro